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Banner hung for grads
News, Posted on June 22, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic, graduations across the country are looking a bit different this year. Major Pratt School has decided to hold a parade on Tuesday, June 23 with the grads making their way around Russell. A banner has also been placed on one of the arches with all the grad names. Graduates of the MPS 2020 class are:

Claire Aitchison

John Alexson

Kian Baskerville

Delores Belhumeur

Dawson Bodnariuk

December Brandon

Nicholas Burdeniuk

Kyshenne Cabrera

Cecily Chartier

Emoni Cooke

Jamal Delorme-Haynes

Luis Deopante

Kasandra Dimaano

Nathan Falloon

Brody Fingas

Summer Fuz

Christian Gambler

Anna Garnett

Ronny Gray

Nicole Guay

Douglas Hamilton

Steven Havelange

Tessa Havelange

Leighton Heroux

Steven Klimack

David Kochanowski

Hannah Kracher

Brayden Lavallee

Emily Ledoux

Jaylene McKee

Twyla Mecas

Daniel Mecas-Thorassie

Ashawntai Mekish

Cole Mentuck

Taz Morris

Carter Mushumanski

Quinn Neuhofer

David Payos

Cassie Peake

Antonio Razor

Jessica Rice

Jerimiah Rocheleau

Jeremy Salyn

Alana Sawaryn

Steven John Scott

Tori Shingoose

Hannah Smith

Alexis Tanner

Chaske Tanner

Christopher Tanner

Dawson Tanner

Trinity Tanner

Braden Tibble

Colbi Turnbull

Dawson Tweet

Brooklyn Werschler

Jaden Wollny

Vaughn Zimmer

Zachary Zimmer