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Orioles sign back up
News, Posted on July 9, 2019
Peggy Bradshaw of Binscarth had a big project ahead of her when she decided she wanted to have the old Binscarth Orioles baseball sign remade and presented.
In 2003, the Binscarth Orioles baseball team was inducted into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame and with that came a sign on Highway 16 near the Binscarth Valley.
Before construction began, the old sign was removed. Once the highway around the valley was widened and completed, the old sign was never put back up in its original place.
“I knew it was so important to get back up” Bradshaw stated “my husband who passed away was very involved in baseball and I knew it had to be done.”
Bradshaw is so thankful for the amalgamated Municipality staff, Mayor, CAO, Councilors, Art Farm and many others who helped get this sign back up in a fairly visible place on highway 16 on the north side of Binscarth.
“We have a strong community in preserving our history such as sports, museums and more and I’m so happy and thankful that it is up” she said.

From July 2nd edition